L’ombra di un trono (1920) (en)

L’ombra di un trono 1920

L’ombra di un trono Download - Violette Miroy is a young woman in Paris whose well-off parents recently died having largely spent all their resources. She meets the mysterious Georges and they fall in love, yet being a well-brought-up lady she insists on marriage; The wedding takes place and they have five happy years together. Violette discovers by chance that her husband is the second son of the Queen. Prince Harold, the Crown Prince, is deeply envious of his younger brother, whose happiness with Violette is in stark contrast to his own betrothal to the haughty Princess Augusta. After a heart-to-heart with Violette, Harold realizes he’ll never be loved for himself alone, and in a fit of despair he kills himself. Georges is called to his mother’s side, and the formidable Queen insists the new heir apparent give up his wife, ordering Lolet kidnapped in order to convince Violette to renounce any thoughts of remaining married to her husband.
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